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Foreign Accent Modification

In today's business world, it is imperative people clearly communicate their thoughts to one another via the phone, in conferences, and during formal and informal presentations.


The Compton P-ESL Program- Pronouncing English as a Second Language is an accent modification program for improving business, professional, and social speaking skills.


A licensed and ASHA certified Speech/Language Pathologist analyzes:

  • The Client's Speech Pathologist transcribes the errors and identifies specific areas needing improvement.

  • The Speech Pathologist schedules weekly meetings, provides daily individual assignments, and teaches appropriate speech techniques, as well as the basic sounds or phonemes and principals of American English.

  • Clients work on pronunciation, complete word production and voice projection.

  • Clients learn appropriate language usage by speaking in conversation and giving presentations.

  • Common phrases, greetings, multiple word meanings, idioms, etc. are learned during the sessions.

  • Each client has their own tailored program, based on their individual need.

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