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The Compton P-ESL Program gave me more self-confidence in pronouncing and speaking English to my friends. I greatly improved my ability to hear new sounds, to correctly produce new sounds, and to use new sounds in conversation without thinking about it. I feel it is now much easier to use my new pronunciation skills with friends, in social occcasions, at home, at work and at the store. I felt the program materials were very helpful, as well as the tape recorded practice words, and homework assignments. I rate Valerie Rapowitz's overall organization and effectiveness as excellent. I would definitely recommend the program to my friends and colleagues.

"In my opinion, the program is excellent."

Valerie Santos


"Valerie was the Speech-Language Pathologist at my school for 8 years. She saw many of my children throughout those years. The children loved to go see Miss Valerie. The teachers were thrilled to have Valerie's input on each child. She would observe the children in their classroom setting and use that in combination with her testing to implement language therapy. Significant progress was seen by the children with whom Valerie worked. Valerie also met with the teachers on a daily basis. She would go over the children's testing results and give suggestions on teaching strategies to use in the classroom. Valerie was always willing to research new methods and strategies. She was a wonderful asset to our school."

Shari Hendrick

5th Grade Lead Teacher-Pathway's Academy

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